Monday, February 24, 2014

New Blog!

I've got a few Oculus Rift projects in the works, and realized that I would soon need a way to share them all in a more cohesive manner.

For now it's just Titans of Space, Bestiary XI, and a few minor demos.  4-5 more are on their way!

I'll be posting here on this blog whenever there are any updates to any projects, as well as my biweekly "Rift Demo Round-Ups".


1 comment:

  1. Just saw via FireBox and I was very impressed. Hopefully you're able to link to each planet from the Earth room to display the same. My only suggestion is that each room has a small planet in the center (though higher so you can see it all), while the larger version of it (as large as Jupiter in your example) is off in the distant rotating. Each planet room can have links to its moons. Also, seems easy enough to put in the text from Titans of Space in each room.

    Really amazing job with just the one room. I knew FireBox had potential, but you just threw the gauntlet down as usual.