Bestiary XI

What is it?

Bestiary XI is a short presentation of a small sampling of Final Fantasy XI monsters.
(Only a few monsters up through the "Chains of Promathia" expansion pack are included.)

The new DK2 version can be found here.

Before Playing:
  1. You don't need to have played Final Fantasy XI to enjoy this experience, but it certainly helps push that nostalgia button.
  2. Standing up and having sound on is strongly recommended!
  3. Players are also suggested to take their time, and to feel free to turn their body around (while minding the wires of course) instead of just pivoting at the waist.

  • Look/turn around: [Oculus Rift] / [Mouse] / [Gamepad right thumbstick]
  • Toggle use of eye height from OculusConfigUtil: [H]  (Default: ON)
  • Toggle Rift-mode vs non-stereoscopic mode: [Tab]   (Default: Rift-mode)
  • Optional positional body tracking: [Right Hydra Controller]
  • Toggle Vsync: [V]  (Default: ON, unless you have overridden it using your graphics card's control panel)
  • Show framerate: [F]   (Default: OFF)
  • Quit: Esc


The latest version is v0.3, released on December 4th, 2013.

  • This demo is not affiliated with Square-Enix, and makes no claim of ownership or copyright over ANY visual assets involved in the development of this piece of fan-art.
  • The music is "Harvest of Rock and Stone" by Tweex @


Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback (positive or negative) on the developer thread.

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