Mars Is A Real Place

What is it?

Experience the red planet like never before in this musical slideshow of stereoscopic 3D photos of the surface of Mars.

80 spellbinding high-resolution 3D images have been carefully curated and presented for comfortable viewing. Images include views from Mars' orbit and panoramas taken on the surface.

The slideshow is set to music, and each image comes with supporting information for those that want to delve a little deeper into each landscape.

Graphics options include:

  • Render scale (1.41x is default, can go higher or lower)
  • Chromatic De-aberration* (On is default)
  • Display Freq* (72hz is default)

* = Oculus Go only

Headphones are recommended.

Where to get it:

Mars Is A Real Place is currently available for purchase on the following platforms:

For more information, please see the official Mars Is A Real Place page.


  1. Love your work on your various astronomy projects; particularly Titans of Space. Very good production values on Mars is a Real Place:) My only complaint is that the stereoscopic 3D images are highly exaggerated making the images look “unreal” from an astronomical perspective – for me, this contradicts the name of your app and reduced my enjoyment of an otherwise superb experience. Hope this helps, kind regards – Wayne B

  2. I've just got Mars Is a Real Place on Samsung Gear VR. Best experience ever. This is something that I never forget (first time on the Mars)
    Great job! Thanks!