Titans of Space 2.0 (PC)

This app will be receiving a big update soon (early 2019)!  Stay tuned.

What is it?

Titans of Space 2.0 is a deep-dive tour through our Solar System, and then takes you beyond that. The primary aim is to gain new perspective on what our universe actually looks like by taking advantage of the increased spatial awareness made possible by modern VR. A secondary aim is to entertain the player with music and exciting visuals that are otherwise probably impossible to experience in our lifetime.

The experience is meant to be as authentic as possible, but sizes and distances are intentionally unrealistic. All planetary bodies are relatively toy-sized, shrunk down to 1 millionth of their actual size, which means you will see Earth as a 12.7-meter-wide holographic ball, or the size of a small house.

The tour is self-paced, and customizable through a multitude of options. During the tour, help and options are available to indicate all the different things you can do.

The program is currently in active development, so the number of things to do is currently growing! See the Early Access section here for more info.

Store Links:

Please visit the main Titans of Space 2.0 page.


Feel free to leave suggestions and critical feedback at the app's Steam discussion forum.

Thank you for your support!

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