TNG Engineering

UPDATE December 3rd, 2015: This experience was built to work with an old Oculus Runtime, and I won't be updating this any further.   Instead, I'm offering a set of stereoscopic 3D 360 still images of the environment, which can be downloaded here.  They can be viewed on the GearVR (Oculus 360 Photos), DK2 (Virtual Desktop), and others.

What is it?

TNG Engineering - DK2 is a simple non-interactive scene depicting the Main Engineering bay of the NCC 1701-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation.   This experience requires an Oculus Rift DK2.

The original DK1 version can be found here.

  • Move around: [WASD] / [Arrow keys] / [Mouse buttons] / [Controller left thumbstick]
  • Look/turn around: [HMD gaze direction] / [Mouse] / [Scrollwheel] / [Controller right thumbstick] / [Arrow keys]
  • Show framerate & other options:  Escape / F / Button Y  (default is OFF)
  • Reset Orientation:  F1 / Controller Start
  • Mirroring:  F2  (default is ON)
  • Cycle Camera Bounds:  F3 / Button X  (default is OFF)
  • Low Persistence:  F4  (default is ON)
  • Timewarp:  F5  (default is ON)
  • Positional Tracking:  F6  (default is ON)
  • HQ Distortion:  F7  (default is ON)
  • Vignette:  F8  (default is ON)
  • Black Smear Correction:  F10 (default is ON)
  • Vsync:  V   (default is ON, useful to turn off and back on if experiencing an unexpectedly low framerate)
  • Quit:  Q


  • This is a non-commercial scene made for Star Trek fans.  The intellectual property depicted herein is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original rights holders.
  • The sound effects are done by ender4life @ YouTube.


Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback (positive or negative) on the developer thread.


  1. In my opinion, this is one of the best demos out there! Here's my <500 character comment on the Share page.

    "Very high quality! Drash is really setting a standard here
    - Start screen waits for you to put on the headset
    - Intro scene informs you of important details to ensure a good experience
    - UI is great. Text is a comfortable size to read and looks sharp.
    - Very steady frame rate
    - Excellent models, high res textures, realistic lighting, etc.
    - Atmospheric sound design
    - Camera bounds are easily accessible! So awesome!
    - Star Trek! How cool!

    Well done!"

    The only thing that threw me off was the player camera rotation controls. It has this offset orbit that I found really disorienting. Any reason that was used instead of just pivoting centered on the axis?

    1. Hi Slufter, thanks for laying out all the specific things you liked. It means a lot.

      About the offset orbit, I actually wasn't aware of this! I used my own player controller code, and it looks like you've found a flaw in it. I think the rotation isn't taking into account positional tracking or something. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I love your apps,especially Titan. I was wondering if you will have this made for an android VR?

  3. Any chance this will make it to Gear VR?
    Love Titan's of Space btw!

  4. Any chance this will make it to Gear VR?
    Love Titan's of Space btw!

  5. Will this be going on Steam or can we get it for the Vive another way?

    1. Just got done releasing Apollo 11, and am now working on Titans of Space. After that, perhaps TNG Engineering will get some love. Thanks for asking!

    2. Ooohhh.. Looking forward to Titan's of Space! Was one of my favorites on my ol' DK2. Will definitely pick that up! (if the price isn't too too bad =D)

    3. I'd really love to use this on the VIVE as well.

  6. I absolutely adore this project, do come back to it Drash The Vive and Touch controllers have popularised Room Scale which would suit the project.

    There is something so specific to the Enterprise-D, the way it feels like "Home" for millions, that makes it a tragedy there is no ambulent experience to take us there.